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Published: 21st October 2008
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When you are looking for a good welding school to learn welding it will be important for you to think about several issues before you go. A good question to ask yourself is "What do I want to do?" and "Who has what I need?" These two questions will be determined through looking at a variety of schools that may meet your needs.

Finding a good welding school to learn welding will be determined by the type of welding you want to do in the end. Do you want to work on specific projects that are small ones or large ones? Are you interested in doing underwater welding? Are you interested in just learning the basics?

Do you want to do welding as a career where you can start out with someone else or do you want to start on your own? Many of these questions will be important for you to know before you start doing research on schools.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to go for formal training at a trade school or at a college. The difference between the two will be important. At a trade or vocational school you will learn the trade of welding and everything you do will be geared towards learning the trade.

At a college or university you will learn the trade, but as part of a larger group of studies. There are also online schools that are both formal and informal so you will need to know the best way for you to learn.

There are several ways you could decide to go to school in one of the areas. You could go to a college or university as suggested, or you can find one of the many welding schools; the third option is that you can go directly to the trade union for welders and apply for an apprenticeship. All three options should give you plenty of hands on work, but each will provide you with a different experience.

You can also visit one of the schools near you to see what they do -- in fact, you can take a class to see whether it is something you want to do and whether the course work will give you what you need.

Another option you might try is to go to one of the larger and reputable welding schools like Lincoln or Hobart where they have one and two week courses in TIG welding. You can do this for the short term and decide as you go whether this is an opportunity that you will like, and whether the information you receive is what you need.

With all of these options you will have an opportunity to work in the field, with hands on instruction and some of the opportunities may get you a job before you finish the schooling.

Another good idea is to talk to your friends about welders they know or you can talk to welders you know if you know anyone to see if they can make recommendations. Always visit the school though before you decide on finding a good school to learn welding.

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